Using Industry Trends to Find the Best Food Franchise for You
As you’re starting your search to find the perfect food franchise to buy into, you’re probably wondering what brands will give you the best shot at success. Since it does take quite a bit of capital to start most franchises, doing your research to ensure that the one you choose is well established and has a track record of helping entrepreneurs find success is integral to your own future as a small business owner. Part of that research should go into understanding hot trends in food franchising - as it makes it a lot easier to understand what consumers are looking for and find a concept that fits. Ready to find out what’s hot in food franchises right now - and narrow down your options to find the right franchise for your town? We’ve got all the details you need to do just that below.
Coffee and Tea
Although coffee franchises have been around for a while, demand isn’t slowing down. With that being said, the type of establishments that consumers are frequenting has certainly evolved. When it comes to choosing the right coffee shop franchise, look for concepts that offer a comfortable atmosphere, like a fireplace and big cozy chairs that patrons can sit in and have a conversation. Easy-to-access wifi and tables to work at are something that encourages workers to come in and use your shop as a mobile office. Also, coffee shops that offer other choices, like deli sandwiches and soups, are on the rise. Choosing a franchise  that goes deeper than the traditional coffee shop is where you’ll see the most success in this market.
Burger Joints
As the economy is starting to rebound from the Great Recession, consumers are starting to eat out again. But they’re also still heavily concerned about the prices that come along with eating out at a sit down establishment. The happy medium has become a growing range of mid-priced burger franchises  that offer a limited menu of items made with super fresh ingredients. Doing your research to see if the price points of each franchise opportunity in this particular category of restaurant concepts fit with the demographic of your market will help you better determine if this is a good fit for you.
Focus on Health
There’s a movement across the country that’s focused on bringing healthier food options to the general public. This idea has spread to the food franchise industry, making establishments that offer fresh food choices increasingly popular, spurring a variety of concepts  that are healthier than many of the fryer food restaurants we traditionally associate with restaurant franchises. While there are a lot of up-and-coming opportunities that have started to see a lot of success, they aren’t widely found across every state yet. This opens up a lot of opportunity for franchise owners who are interested in bringing more than one location to a particular area over time. Because many of these brands aren’t as widespread as they likely will be in five years, now’s the time to jump on them.
Going Beyond What’s Hot
Beyond the trends, it’s important to do your due diligence on market saturation for particular restaurants as well. For example, frozen yogurt franchises are incredibly popular. Because these franchises offer a totally customized food choice that’s relatively low in calories, consumers are totally in love with the concept. So feasibly, this should be a great franchising opportunity to look into, right? Maybe - or maybe not. Before you leap, look around the town you’re considering opening up shop within to determine how saturated your market already is.
Because this is such a hot food trend, there are a lot of frozen yogurt franchises that have popped up around the country over the past two years. Your success isn’t only dependent on the brand of franchise you choose, but also on how full your market is for a particular type of food. So if there are several established franchises already offering the frozen yogurt concept in your town, the area may have reached saturation - which means you’ll be competing more on how familiar people are with your brand, as well as your ability to out-market your competition, if you choose this type of opportunity. Knowing this type of data in advance can help you make the best franchise choice for your future.
Finding the Right Franchise
As you’re considering the options you’re becoming more interested in, know that you don’t have to do all of the research on your own. Food Franchise  can help you explore all of the concepts available to you - and connect you with the right people at a franchisor’s office to take the next step. To learn more, check out the opportunities available to you right now and call us today at 888-363-3390.