Management Material: Finding What it Takes
All business owners can agree that finding someone to be in charge – especially while you’re not there – is a key part to running your company. No matter how hard any one person tries, they simply can’t be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During those times, there needs to be a fall back. Someone who can run the show, take care of business, and any other number of clichéd tasks that keep the company from burning down or losing thousands of dollars. (Those clichés are actually very important and can lead to important levels of success.)
Additionally, once established, business owners will want to fall back into the shadows. In order to take on additional responsibilities (perhaps with different ventures or another restaurant location), while allowing others to earn the chance to succeed for themselves. A tactic that also allows the restaurant to run – and profit – all on its own. Which is, after all, the entire goal of business ownership.
In order to achieve that level of self-growth, however, owners first have to find quality mangers. Those who will run the business as though it were their own, make solid decisions, properly manage workers, as well as run any necessary aspect within the entire company.
What to Look for
One of the first things to seek out in a potential manager (and most obvious) is that of management experience. Look for years of service, whether in a restaurant, or helping run any other type of business or establishment. Next, look at secondhand positions – volunteer opportunities, school clubs, and more are all valuable experience. And if that doesn’t do enough to impress you, consider such qualities to find for assistant managers – those who aren’t yet ready to run it all but have shown great potential.
Then, look at leadership qualities. See how each interacts in a crisis, how they communicate, etc. Much of this can be determined in conversation, but can also be tested in real life, perhaps giving a trial before hiring them on full time, or by giving an in-interview situation that requires them to think on their feet.
It’s also a good idea to trust your gut. By having a conversation and watching how future workers are able to communicate, you can learn a great deal about them as a person, as well as how their work skills will pan out. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask real questions. While certain inquiries might seem rude or forward, they’ll also gain you access to real information. You can see how each interviewee responds to real inquiries.
Over time, it becomes easier to find what traits you appreciate in managers. Allowing the interview and hiring process to become efficient and streamlined. In the meantime, however, it might mean more time spent searching and questioning until you find the just-right candidate. Attend job fairs, post on boards, and more. Once you find the right hire, those efforts will be more than worth the time spent. And you’ll land a quality manager who will work to grow your brand.

By Staff | April 11, 2018 | Food Franchise Blog