Top Selling Franchise Foods
Both stateside and internationally, the United States is known for its choice of food. From the unflattering stereotypes, to some of the most unique foods available, America is often listed for the way its citizens eat. And our franchising brands are one of the best ways to reflect that very fact. Concepts won’t do well without the patronage to support them, meaning only the best of the best (or rather, the favorites) survive. While the ill tasting or too-strange-to-make-it ideas fizzle out before most even knew they existed.
Some, however, fare much better than others – even those that are still considered successful. Due to our regular eating habits, availability, and concepts that are better known than others (even in theory, for instance nuggets vs. polenta bowls, and so on), businesses spread themselves accordingly. It’s also something for franchise owners to consider when setting up their business.
Since franchising has gone into fruition, here are some of the most popular concepts among us. As well as those who have been able to hold longevity within our ever-changing markets.
Anyone Selling Pizza
It may have Italian roots, but pizza chains account for some of the largest profit margins in U.S. franchising history. Delivery, dine-in, or fancy date-ready options are all included in this market, and continue to draw in the dollar bills every day of the week. There’s no telling if this is due to a general love for pizza or the sheer number of combinations it can be cooked into – and in all reality, it’s a mixture of the two!
It’s our biggest stereotype, but it’s also true; America loves its beef. We’re even branching out into vegetarian options, variations like fish or chicken patties, and so on. We put cheese on them, and veggies, and order with a side of French fries. In fact, hamburgers are so popular, it’s generally our go-to thought when considering fast food. And with such a tasty, time-friendly way to get a meal, why shouldn’t they be?
Pre-set or build-your-own options are just some of the sandwich availabilities here in the states. They’re also one of the biggest franchise concepts in today’s market. Consumers can order healthy, or grease it down with butter and fried add-ons. With so many brands and toppings, it’s likely that sandwiches are here to stay. Especially for anyone who doesn’t mind a cold meal while on the go. (Bonus for franchise owners – there might be the need for more fridges, but there’s less pressure to serve piping hot foods.)
Fried Chicken
This certainly isn’t the healthiest item on the menu, but it is one of the most popular. Fried chicken chains have continued to pop up in recent decades – specializing in anything from legs, to sandwiches, to spicy versions of all of the above. Brands have also been able to set themselves apart through gourmet sides; it’s how they hook their market and keep customers coming back time and again. Especially when they’re not the most conveniently located establishment.
Coffee actually might be the biggest market of them all – we love our coffee. It’s an excuse to go somewhere and to buy something cheap. It’s also quick and convenient, and an easy (but not too unhealthy) vice. Drive through options make obtaining coffee – just how we like it – even easier. These franchises might be making smaller transactions, but they’re using that fact to their advantage. And they’re not looking back (or even sideways) any time soon. 
Snacks and Smoothies
The perfect pick-me-up comes in the form of snacks and smoothies. Another affordable vice that helps curb our appetite. And make it through that shopping trip, or whatever other venture we might be doing when needing a snack. Best of all, however, these setups come in all flavors, offer healthy benefits, and are quick – faster than fast food even. Name recognition and convenience are two more aspects that allow these brands to flourish on any given day – and they’re taking full advantage. 

By Staff | January 4, 2018 | Food Franchise Blog