How Tasty is Your Brand’s Food? And Why You Should Love it Too

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How Tasty is Your Brand’s Food? And Why You Should Love it Too

A true salesman loves his own product. While he or she might be able to bluff their way through a transaction – allowing their customer believe they’re far more excited about the product than they actually are – actual product endorsement is much more effective. Folks will see you using said product in public. They’ll see your stories happen before you even brag about them. And best of all, your examples will sound genuine because they’ve actually happened. No need to embellish or talk something up; each instance will have been a real-life event - a fact that shows.

The same is true when selling food. You might not want to eat it every day – even your favorite meal ever would get old with that type of routine. However, loving – actually loving – the foods you serve, can do wonders for your business. Which is why you should only sign on with brands who have something tasty and consistent to sell. 

Shoddy versions won’t be able to hold customers’ attention. Let alone their taste buds. 

The Morality Behind Serving Gross Foods

Any number of factors can go into making a food taste “gross.” It might be the look, the texture, or just a lack of kitchen engineering. Whatever the cause, however, it’s not something you want to get behind. Not because you don’t appreciate the challenge of being able to sell something inferior, but because you want to represent something others want to eat. A product that’s worthy of being sold. If it’s not something worth eating, why put your name on it at all? If you’re too good for the meal, you’re essentially telling customers your taste buds are more valuable than theirs – or that you have no qualms about tricking them into purchasing something that’s less than top-notch. Either way, it’s a tricky game and not one worth venturing into.

Instead, opting for a brand that not only serves delicious meals, but ones you’re willing to eat, will bring in ample business. As well as employees who are as ready to eat the food as they are to serve it. Besides, if the people who see the same foods every day (including yourself) are still wanting to taste it, think of how excited those who rarely come in will be. 

What’s Your Favorite Dish?

This is likely to be your most frequent question, so it’s a good idea to have an answer on hand. Preferably with a short explanation as to why you just can’t get enough. (Or if you definitely can get enough, why it’s your go-to meal … when you’re ready to eat the restaurant’s food.) This little anecdote will help solidify your answer and share with others just how you became acquainted with the brand. It’ll also express just how much you love the food, and that you do in fact practice what you preach … err eat.

If your restaurant’s food is anything less than delicious, chances are customers will feel the same. Before signing on with a brand, be sure it’s one that offers tasty meals (yes, taste tests are an important part of brand research), as well as ongoing opportunities for business growth.

By Gary Blanchard | Sep 18, 2017 | Food Franchise Blog