Going with the Flow: Can Décor Help Sell Food?
There’s long-since been talk of fast food joints painting restaurants according to what will best sell food. Neon makes us hungry; orange causes thirst; cartoon animals make us want more fries, allegedly. But how many of us research to find out if there’s any truth behind those theories? Until opening a franchise for oneself, they’re simply a distant rumor … floating idly. The indifference that’s only slightly swayed by one’s love for cheeseburgers and sides of ranch.
For the up-and-coming franchisee, however, understanding esthetics is a must. Especially when building a new structure, or redesigning an existing building. How each bench is placed, the color of each wall, and more, can all help to sell more food on any given day. By tapping into that information, you can better set up your company for increased sales before it even opens.
How to Sell More Food
When in the early stages of design – perhaps before you even get started – hire on a professional. If you’re worried about fees, use them strictly for consultation services. Get opinions, tips, ask specific questions on a timed invoice, and then perform the work yourself.
You can also look to friends or family members with a knack for design. Because, with a pleasing look and feel, eaters can rest (and eat) at ease. Giving you more and more motivation to look to someone with an eye for décor. Online programs can also give a solid outline of how each interior section will look before making anything permanent. Check out these free or paid platforms to get an insider look as to how your finished product will turn out.
Another source of information is the franchising company themselves. Oftentimes they’ll give advice for esthetics, paint colors, and more. There are also those that actually have requirements as to what you can and can’t do with your branch’s décor. (Following their guidelines will help; they’re there for a reason: profitability.) Other companies stick to similar styles with each of their locations in order to give customers a similar feel no matter where they might be eating.
Trends and Fads
As easy (and tempting) as it might be to design with the latest fads, steer clear. Trends, especially loud or risky ones, tend to go out of style just as quickly as they came in. Leaving you with either 1) a dated restaurant or 2) to spend significant funds redecorating and redesigning your branch only a few years after its debut. Instead, stick to classic looks that will hold up for a longer period of time.
That’s not to say restaurants shouldn’t be remodeled or updated, simply that it shouldn’t have to be done in a quick or expensive manner.
In order to make the most out of your restaurant’s décor, ensure that you’re using esthetic and eye-catching methods to best entice customers. It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to expand profit levels and plan for better customer response in virtually any meal situation.

By FoodFanchise.com Staff | April 4, 2018 | Food Franchise Blog