5 Questions to Ask
When Choosing Your Franchise

There's no such thing as a stupid question. Right? But does
that mean some questions are smarter than others? Or are they just all on an
even keel? Because, when deciding something important in life - such as a huge
career move - it seems as though some questions should hold more weight than

No matter your stance on the levels of questions, however,
there are very specific ones you should ask yourself - or ask others - in such
an instance.

The same goes for choosing a food franchise company. Much
like signing on with a new business with a “normal” job setting, there's plenty
of information you need to learn before
taking th­­­e job. However, what differs with a franchise is the level of
commitment. When taking said new job, should it not work out, you could (in
theory), quit. When signing with a franchise company, though, you're in it for
the long haul, or however long your contract says you're in. Making the
questions you ask in the beginning stages even more important. Maybe even some
of the most important - and therefore smart - questions you might ever ask.

So what are some of the biggies? And why should you look
into them in the first place?

When looking into various companies, be sure to ask:

5. What's in your

This one you might want to ask a lawyer, as well as the
franchising company involved. Whoever you ask, be sure you know exactly what's
expected of you and when. Failing to do so could cause some serious mistakes.
Including missed deadlines (which can come with a fee), or even breaches that
are punishable by law.

On the other hand, understand what your franchising company
is in charge of, too, in order to avoid any miscommunications from their end as

4. What are the
company's main ideals?

Do you have the same stance on work ethics? What about
morals? Profit margins? Or anything else business, or non-business related? If
you don't match up now, chances are you will never get along down the road. In
fact, it's a recipe that's only slated to get worse.

3. Do you like their

There's no sense in backing a brand whose foods you truly
don't enjoy. It doesn't have to be your favorite food in the world, but if you
can't even stomach it, there's no way you can support the brand for years to
come. Be sure it's food you enjoy, and made in a process you can morally stand

2. What gives?

Is there a catch? What's the lowdown on the food and the
people? And why hasn't anyone else snatched up this opportunity. Trust us, if
they're a good company, they've heard this before and won't mind being asked it

1. When can you

Be sure there's not a long waiting period, or a lengthy
timespan during which paperwork and logistics need to be taken care of. You
might not be ready to start tomorrow, but you're also likely ready to start
somewhat soon. Get the dates listed out, in writing, to have a better idea as
to when your operation will be up and running.

Get the answers to these very important questions from any
serious franchising possibilities. Their answers will help you narrow down your
search and create a more thought-out plan.

Start by reaching out to potential companies today!

By FoodFanchise.com Staff | November 23, 2017 | Food Franchise Blog