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Italian restaurants have long been a favorite destination for Americans, serving an annual market of more than $86 billion. Paladino's helps their franchise owners to build their business, and gives them the tools they need to successfully grow. Paladino's Italian Eatery is currently seeking new franchisees in Arizona. Learn more now.

Paladino's Italian Eatery
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $200,000
Total Investment $336,750 - $681,000
Franchise Fee $30,000
Training & Support Yes
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Paladino's Italian Eatery - Franchise

The Paladino's Italian Eatery BRAND STORY!
There’s something special about an Italian beef made in the authentic Chicago style. It’s a robust, savory, flavorful experience that satisfies and makes diners return for more.
Paladino’s Italian Eatery knows what goes into a great Italian beef sandwich and all the other classic Italian recipes Chicago is famous for. It’s at the heart of our Italian Food Franchise model and guides our growth.

We’ve been serving up authentic blue-collar Italian food in Arizona for more than 10 years. Working from family recipes passed down and perfected over generations. And it all began when brand founder Bob Paladino moved his family from Chicago to Arizona over a decade ago.

Bob missed Chicago’s hearty, Italian family-style meals anyone would long for after a long day’s work. And when he couldn’t find a restaurant around him that served the kind of classic Italian food he craved, he decided to open his own Italian eatery.

Paladino’s began as a small deli and expanded into a full Italian restaurant when Bob’s son-in-law, Rick Slayton, moved to Arizona and became CEO of the business. Today, Paladino’s Italian Eatery is a hit with locals and tourists alike and one of the most exciting Italian food franchise opportunities in the Western U.S.

WHY OWN a Paladino's Italian Eatery?

  • Owning an Italian Food Franchise with Paladino’s connects you with a brand focused on quality. And a cuisine your guests will crave.
  • We want your franchise to grow, and we’ll be alongside you to help make it happen. We’re dedicated to providing our owners with the knowledge and experience needed to create an expanding brand.
  • We use only the highest-quality ingredients to help ensure that every meal we serve lives up to our reputation for excellence.
  • Paladino’s doesn’t use pre-sliced meat — everything is sourced from top brands. We use only Vienna corned beef and pastrami. And our Italian beef is sliced from a round Black Angus choice we slow-roast in-house. No shortcuts here!
  • Every dish we prepare begins from proprietary family recipes and traditional cooking techniques.
  • At Paladino’s, homemade is the only way to go. Nothing is frozen or processed. We make every meal fresh to order so our guests can get a superior experience no matter when they visit.
  • Paladino’s Italian Eatery has created a franchise model designed for rapid expansion. And we’re excited to share it with our future franchise owners to aid their growth.
  • We bring the taste of Chicago to every neighborhood where we set up shop. Italian beef is becoming a signature American dish across the nation, and we’re proud to serve it.
  • We’ve built an Italian food franchise in step with new twists on all the favorite classics. It helps us serve up a brand with potential.

Italian Food Franchise Industry DATA

  • Italian beef and other celebrated Chicago dishes are gaining fans across the nation.
  • Italian restaurants have long been a favorite destination for Americans, serving an annual market of more than $86 billion.
  • Much of that demand is aimed at the classic Italian beef sandwich, which is seeing a spike in popularity and elevated cultural prominence.
  • The rising demand for Italian beef has also impacted social media — mentions of the Chicago classic cuisine in social conversations have increased by 3.57% over the past year.

Paladino's Italian Eatery SUPPORT
We want our owners to build their business, and we’ve given them the tools they need to grow.

  • Vendor Relationships - Get the best available product at the best available rates by leveraging our existing vendor relationships.
  • Marketing Support - Leverage our ongoing campaigns to get the word out about your new franchise.
  • Proprietary Systems - Access our suite of management tools to help you with daily operations.
  • Opening Day Support - We’ll be in the restaurant with you when you open for business to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Training Support - We train owners in staff and show them how to run an Italian franchise with us.
  • Buildout Assistance - We’re with you throughout the onboarding process to aid you with build, outfitting, staff hiring, and more.
  • Brand Availability - Our brand leadership is available to provide guidance and assistance, day or night.
  • Ongoing Support - We’re there to provide knowledge and advice when you need the extra assist.

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