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Hokulia Shave Ice

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We have oceans of fun at the Hokulia Ice Shack! There's nothing like the experience of building a business and having fun doing it. We offer easy inventory and a low-cost business opportunity. Start your own business & become your own boss with Hokulia Shave Ice!

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Minimum Cash Required$40,000
Financing AssistanceNone

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Hokulia Shave Ice

Be Your Own Boss
So you're ready to start your own business, become your own boss, and control your own destiny. Congratulations - you've made the right choice. Now, you've got a few other choices to make - like with whom to work to help you achieve your dreams.

Minimize your INV, Maximize your ROI
Our price is right with a low total investment per unit of $35k. This includes all of the fees, shack and equipment that are needed to open for business. We are offering packages of 3-5 units that include a protected territory for each shack. When you consider the low starting cost and the great sales potential, this is a great opportunity to maximize your ROI with early returns that may be equal to your initial investment. For more information relating to our financial performance and individual fees and costs see our web-site and the Hokulia FDD.

Oceans of Fun
We have Oceans of fun at the Hokulia Shack! There's nothing like the experience of building a business and having fun doing it. Watching the smiles on your customer's faces as you satisfy and delight them is both rewarding and profitable.

Island Love Back Home
Clint and Stefani Severson, the owners of the first Hokulia Shave Ice shack, love to visit the Hawaiian Islands. They especially love Kona-The Big Island. In 2008 they went to Kona together and while sitting on the beach eating some awesome Shave Ice they decided that they needed some “Island Love” back home. They came home to Utah and realized their dream by opening the first Hokulia Shave Ice Shack. Their customers loved it!   After 4 years of operation, they have greatly exceeded their expectations. They know the secrets of Success and they are now, with the help of the Farrs Ice Cream Company, ready to share them with others through the magic of franchising.

Financial Strength
Here's the scoop. You will be working with a company that brings you the most authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice product on the mainland in the industry. Since Hokulia Shave Ice has been in operation, our sales have skyrocketed each and every year. In addition, we are backed by the Farr's Ice Cream Company. Farr's has been a leader in the Ice and Ice Cream industry for more than 90 years. They are a company with the experience, expertise and most importantly the financial strength that will allow you to reach your financial dreams and earn your just desserts.

On your own but not alone
You're on your own but not alone, in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We have a proven track record for business success. We are the provider of marketing and advertising materials, on-going communication and training, product education, and an annual national convention. Hokulia/Farr's give you the support tools you need to jump start your new business. Plus you have continual access to the Hokulia and Farr's corporate professional team of experts with over 80 years of franchising experience. All these tools and resources assure you the maximum opportunity to succeed in your own business.
Location flexibility is part of our plan. We provide assistance finding good locations through our association with a national commercial brokerage.

Ease of Operation
Our state of the art shacks, our ease of menu preparation and our ordering of product, make multiple shack operations possible. We also offer thorough training both on-site and in our training facility. We will help you understand the secrets of operating a successful business. This includes proper accounting procedures and inventory control.
As an example-your cost of goods will be lower because we are the manufacturer of the product. No middleman to worry about. Our inventory list is short and easily manageable, and our operations allow for minimum labor costs as well. That means not only Ease of Operation but also Greater Profits.

Hang Loose at the Shack
Let us help you get started in a low cost business opportunity that will offer you the chance to achieve great profits while providing your customers with the greatest Hawaiian Shave Ice experience on the Mainland. Our recipes that combine our high quality Ice Cream cores with our proprietary ice shaving process are what make us unique.

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