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Fun Facts: Wine

  1. The states with the most wine consumption in America are California, New York & Florida.
  2. Recent studies show that “women who drink wine regularly are less likely than non-drinking women to become obese”. Drink up!
  3. In California, wine country tours are second only to Disneyland in popularity with tourists.
  4. Vatican City has the highest per capita wine consumption.
  5. The top five wine producing countries in world are Italy, France, Spain, United States and Argentina.
  6. The term bouquet refers to the total scent of the wine and aroma is the scent of the grapes.
  7. As white wines age, they gain color. Red wines, on the other hand, lose color as they age.
  8. There are 4 glasses of wine and 2.4 lbs of grapes in one bottle of wine.