Fun Facts: Dessert

  1. Did you know the words "desserts" spells the word "stressed" backwards? Makes sense to us, seeing how many people find desserts as comfort food when they are feeling stressed out!
  2. Coffee is the main flavor in Tiramisu. The word "Tiramisu" translates as "pick me up."
  3. The main ingredients of ice cream are eggs, milk, sugar, and cream.
  4. Since WWII, chocolate bars have been an official part of U.S. Army rations as a source of energy & a taste pleaser.
  5. When the chocolate craze began in the late 1600s, many chocolate houses (very similar to taverns or coffee houses) sprang up throughout Europe. And yes, the government levied a tax on it!
  6. Women are 2x as likely as men to have "chocolate hunger."
  7. 35% of Americans have eaten pie for breakfast!