Fun Facts: BBQ

  1. The word "barbeque" comes from a Taino word for "sacred fire pit" --- most guys would agree with that - barbeque is sacred!
  2. President Lyndon Johnson had barbeques installed on the roof of the White House. BBQ in Chief!
  3. Barbequing is serious business and competition! Hundreds of cook-offs are held throughout the USA. The largest and most famous are Memphis in May and The American Royal in Kansas City. Both States claim to be the barbeque capital of the USA.
  4. Cavemen may have started roasting meat some 1.4 million years ago, anthropologists believe.
  5. The most popular holiday weekend for barbecuing is July 4th, followed by Labor Day!
  6. Did you know there is a National Barbecue Day? May 16th! Make sure to mark your calendar to ensure a smoking good time on this day!