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Fun Facts: Bar, Grill, & Pub

  1. 1A green door painted on a restaurant during Prohibition indicated the presence of a speakeasy, hence the name.
  2. 2The word “toast” means wishing good health & originated in ancient Rome. A piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine to acknowledge the salutation.
  3. 3Almost all fruits & most vegetables contain a small amount of alcohol in them.
  4. 4The first Thanksgiving Day didn’t include turkey, mashed potatoes, or the other foods that we usually eat on this particular day. BUT- there was beer, wine, brandy, & gin!
  5. 5The pressure in a champagne bottle is measured at 90 pounds per square inch; this is 3x the pressure in automobile tires!
  6. 6The world’s oldest known recipe? Beer.
  7. 7Not only did Abraham Lincoln hold a liquor license, but he operated several taverns.
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